Yassuo | THE KINGS OF CLASH! Ft. Sanchovies, Repobah, Vakin, Lohpally. 18:20; 187tn. Yassuo | THE KINGS OF CLASH! Ft. Sanchovies, Repobah, Vakin, 


LS, aka "Loves Sanchovies", is not just a coach but a coach btw for the Twitch Rivals team SIMP that is often ridiculed for his annoying personality and questionable game knowledge.

Videolängd  Se Sanchoviess klipp "Nice one LS" Sanchovies. Nice one LS. 0:26. Videolängd. mental boom. League of Legends | 2,84 tn visningar | i går · 0:17. Sanchovies. Sanchovies.

Ls sanchovies

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Patchnotes 11.7 Out now! !T1Shop !blitz !Patreon 11.7 Tierlists !nordvpn  14 Feb 2021 Saw a clip of LS talking about how he was no longer on good terms with Sanchovies. I couldn't find anything online about this, just wondering if … 23 Jan 2021 Talongodx: https://www.twitch.tv/talongodx. 0:00 Sanchovies & TF Blade 1:22 Riot Games 1:48 LS & Nemesis 2:31 Riot Games 2:47 GrossGore 5 Apr 2021 14:12 i'm bullying these players as a support by Sanchovies 14,208 Riot PBE Buff by Vandiril 197,042 views · LS | G2 vs MAD Analysis  LS. görünümler 72 B 2 yıl önce.

clash champs!! (Ft. Yassuo, Vakin, Repobah, LohPally). Sanchovies 44tn 19:51 LS Talk Show with Doublelift feat. Leena. LS Highlights 276tn 1:54:12 

2010-01-13 · sanchovies won twitch rivals. him and metaphor, their channels are going to make some gains. honestly, the best thing that can happen to a streamer is tyler1 picking you as support, you know there's going to be duos and you'll get a ton of followers as long as you don't have the personality of swifte (or turn down twitch rivals in the first place) De senaste tweetarna från @Sanchovies Sanchovies describes LS' room.


Ls sanchovies

Close. 1.4k. Posted by 11 months ago. Archived. Sanchovies easily most underrated streamer right now.

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Stream History See more stream logs I'm Sanchovies, a challenger top laner currently climbing to high elo in Mid lane. You can watch me over on my Twitch channel or on YouTube. I recently tried this build as a suggestion from my good friend LS and it's honestly not as bad as i thought it was going to be. Sanchovies describes LS' room - Clip of imls playing League of Legends. Discover and watch the best highlights on Twitch at TwitchHighlights.tv.

Sanchovies  Sanchovies. MACAIYLA LED ME TO MASTERS?!?!?!
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2010-01-13 · Sanchovies asks: "How is that different in high mmr? Games get accelerated in high mmr too. Like out of control." "Right, but in high mmr, even when games get accelerated out of control the ad carries can actually play against an accelerated game, whereas low mmr ad carries aren't good enough to do that.

More. Copy link to Tweet Also, why are they talking around LS instead of addressing him. At least mention that the hate you  Ft.Tyler1,Trick2g, Voyboy, BoxBox, TFBlade, Sanchovies, Stylish, Yamikaze LS | G2 vs RGE Analysis | CAPS IS DESTROYING LEC ft.

2010-01-13 · He's also the only one who reached out to LS when he was ranting about his teammates after scrims last week and told him that he should be more vocal even if he feels like it might throw off the team dynamic, it felt like he was the only one trying to be his friend and teammate .Hopefully we get some more sanchovies/LS content in the future cause those coaching streams were hilarious.

Yassuo, Vakin, Repobah, LohPally).

18 . Help me reach 250.000 subs :^)! The Sanchovies. 179 likes. Band. We had a blast Sanchos last night!