Philodendron 'Cobra'. Mycket lättskött växt med ganska stora, vackert vitbrokiga blad. Trivs i varm och fuktig luft, inte under 18°. Duscha växten ofta eller fukta 


A shrub-like evergreen, Rojo Congo Philodendron's new leaves unfurl a shiny red and then mature to a dark green with a reddish cast. It is considered a "self- 

Conioselinum. Coniston Philodendron. Philokalia. Philonotis RoJo. ROK. ROKAR. Rokia. Rokk.

Rojo congo philodendron

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The new leaves unfurl in a deep, shiny red and as the leaves mature, they fade  The Philodendron Congo Rojo. This plant pairs well with a hanging planter or can be placed on a table or shelf. Order it today from Leaves house in Montreal! The philodendron rojo congo is a hardy, low maintenance variety.

Philodendron ‘Congo’ Rojo er nem at passe. Placer den et relativt lyst sted, beskyttet for den kraftige sol om sommeren. Planten er lettere mørketolerant, men husk at den skal have noget naturligt lys, for at trives. Lad jorden tørre ud imellem vandingerne, og hæv luftfug­tigheden ved at overbruse planten regelmæssigt.

New emerging leaves tend to be bright red, almost copper coloured, maturing to a deep burgundy and then finally to a very dark green. The Rojo Congo Philodendron is a low maintenance plant that produces large, glossy, burgundy leaves that not only look beautiful, but also purify the air around them. You can plant it in an outdoor mixed garden, as a container specimen or in your favourite indoor pot. All Rojo Congo Philodendron Plants for sale will vary in size.

2021-04-24 · Philodendron ‘Congo Rojo’ The Philodendron ‘Congo Rojo’ is a large-leafed plant that has elongated oval-shaped leaves in various shades of red, burgundy, and dark green. This is a new type of Philodendron cultivar that thrives in warm environments.

Rojo congo philodendron

Order/Delivery  Philodendron Rojo Congo. Regular price: $59.95. Sale price: $59.95; Regular price. Sale CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY. Unit price: /per.

It gets the name Rojo from its new leaves ,  'Rojo Congo' (or 'Congo Rojo', 'Red Congo', 'Congo Red' as it is sometimes known as) is a large plant with thick, shiny, smooth edged leaves. Its new leaves are  Philodendron Congo Rojo · Product Description. S U N L I G H T. Monstera's need medium to bright indirect light.
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Unlike other philodendron plants, Congo Rojo doesn’t have a vining habit but instead spans upward and out. Philodendron Congo is a large-leafed houseplant that, at first glance, embraces the feel of the jungle.

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Rojo Congo. 2. Share. Just some of my philodendron. These are the little guys that get to hang out in the greenhouse until they're big enough to join floor gang. 53.

The plant is best known for its beautiful flowers and large leaves. It actually … How to Care for Philodendron Rojo Congo Read More » 2.

2020-07-21 · Caring for Philodendron Congo Rojo. Caring for a philodendron Congo Rojo is very easy, as long as you keep it warm. The plant is very cold sensitive and will suffer serious damage below 40 F. (4 C.). While it can tolerate short periods of extreme heat, it will also have trouble if exposed to temperatures over 100 F. (38 C.) for too long.

The new emerging leaves tend to be bright red then maturing to a deep burgundy. Finally, the leaves turn to a very dark green. Hence rojo congo will makes great indoor plant displays. rojo congo is fast growing and can reach about 3 x 3 m in size.

Description: Leaves come in dark red, then mature to dark green.